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The function of piston accumulator
        The functions of accumulators are mainly divided into four categories: energy storage, hydraulic shock absorption, pulsation elimination and energy recovery.
        The first category: stored energy
        This type of function can be subdivided in actual use into: ¢Ù as an auxiliary power source to reduce installed capacity; ¢Ú to compensate for leakage; ¢Û to compensate for thermal expansion; ¢Ü to be an emergency power source; ¢İ to constitute a constant pressure oil source.
        The above five functional principles are basically the same, and they all mainly apply the function of accumulators that can store a larger amount of energy. The main difference is that the parameter selection is different, and the required functions can be realized by using different parameter selection formulas to meet the required requirements.
        The second category: absorb hydraulic shock
        The sudden change of direction of the reversing valve and the sudden stop of the movement of the actuator will produce pressure shocks in the hydraulic system, causing the system pressure to rise rapidly in a short time, causing damage to the instrument, components and sealing devices, and generating vibration and noise. In order to ensure the absorption effect, the accumulator should be installed near the impact point, so the accumulator is generally installed before the impact source such as the control valve or hydraulic cylinder, which can well absorb and buffer the hydraulic impact.
        The third category: eliminate pulsation and reduce noise
        For hydraulic systems that use plunger pumps with a small number of plungers, the periodic changes in pump flow will cause the system to vibrate. Equipped with an accumulator, a large amount of energy in the pulsating pressure and flow can be absorbed within one cycle of the flow pulsation. The part of the oil whose instantaneous flow is higher than the average flow is absorbed by the accumulator, and the part below the average flow is replenished by the accumulator, which absorbs the energy in the pulsation, reduces the pulsation, and reduces the damage to sensitive instruments and equipment degree.
        The fourth category: energy recovery
        Recovering energy with accumulators is an area where much research has been conducted. Energy recovery can improve energy utilization and is an important way to save energy. Because the accumulator can temporarily store energy, it can be used to recover a variety of functions and positional potential energy.
        The main researches in this area are:
        ¢ÙRecover the braking energy of the vehicle;
        ¢ÚRecover the potential energy of the boom mechanism of construction machinery;
        ¢ÛRecover the braking energy of hydraulic excavator turntable;
        ¢ÜRecover the gravitational potential energy of oil workover rig and drilling rig pipe falling;
        ¢İRecover the downward gravity potential energy of the elevator
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