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UAV airborne fire-fighting bomb cold launch system
Fire is one of the most frequent disasters in the world, causing huge losses to the country and the people. Especially for the fire fighting of some high-rise and super high-rise buildings, there are great difficulties. The fire-fighting equipment and fire-fighting facilities of the existing equipment are difficult to reach such a height. Therefore, in recent years, many domestic companies and scientific research units have carried out airborne fire-fighting. Research on the bomb system and various types of airborne fire extinguishing systems have been introduced.
According to public media reports, the airborne fire protection system that has been introduced still has the following shortcomings:
1. The engine used by most of the airborne fire-fighting bombs developed by most companies currently has a recoil force when launching, which requires high technical requirements for the carrier;
2. In order to overcome the adverse impact of the recoil force on the aircraft during launch, many companies adopted a plan to reduce the launch load of each launch, resulting in a single fire extinguisher with less fire extinguishing agent and a smaller fire extinguishing area. It will result in prolonged fire fighting period and low fire extinguishing efficiency.
3. The propulsion system of most other fire-fighting bombs is still a pyrotechnic engine, and it is a one-time use. Residual gunpowder is easy to cause a new source of ignition, which is dangerous and costly.
4. The cold-launched engines used by some other companies have low power and insufficient kinetic energy, which makes it difficult to break the existing high-rise tempered glass windows.
In order to solve the above technical problems, the company cooperated with the 27th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group to develop the "unmanned aerial vehicle fire-fighting missile cold launch system", in which our company is responsible for the development of the fire-fighting bomb cold-launching engine system, and has the The system is fully intellectual property. With the expansion of cold launch technology, the airborne launch simulation fire extinguishing bomb test was carried out in January 2018 and was a complete success.

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