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Shoulder-mounted air defense missile training system

      In response to the shortcomings of high-cost portable air defense missile launch training bombs, insufficient training density, and high safety risks, our company has developed and developed patented technologies such as air-conditioning storage and energy release through repeated communications with the army and military academies. The new portable air defense missile cold launch training system solves the above problems well. The product has passed the appraisal of the project results of the army headquarters.

Product advantages:
1. The launching distance is 20-25 meters (different elevation angle), which fully meets the training requirements of the troops.
2.Low training costs: due to reusable, greatly reduced the training costs of the troops.
3. The effect is realistic: the launching operation procedure of the training bomb is consistent with the live ammunition, and the system is equipped with a simulated sound and light background, so that the training effect is close to actual combat.
4. Maintenance, easy to operate: the bomb is easy to disassemble, low maintenance requirements, simple reassembly.
5.High security: 1), because it is cold emission, hot gas injury and the situation of the operator can be eliminated; 2), the projectile is a non-fired product, bringing convenience for storage, transportation and operation.
6.Long service life: service life 200 times.
7. Adaptability: The dry and humid environment has no effect on the performance of the projectile. It can be used normally at temperatures from -20 degrees to +50.

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